Lakshya Counseling Center

Lakshya Career Counseling & Aptitude Testing Center

What we do when our health is not well ? We Go to Doctor ! What we do when we have to fight a court case ? We Go to Advocate ! What we Do when we want to design House ? We go to Architect! When for all important tasks we go to specialist ! Then why people risk their life ,when it comes to choosing a Career ? Why people experiment with life ? Experimentation is not wrong, but it is wrong when it comes to making a decision of career. When our decision of choosing a life partner goes wrong , we may choose to divorce , But when same happens with career people at time give divorce to their LIFE ? That is why we read news of depressions and suicides or else of crimes. When Knowledge, Skills , Abilities ,Competence , Or Overall Potential of a person does not match with the selection of Career or Course ,it results into Poor Academic Performance, Depression , Disorientation or even suicide of students as mentioned earlier. Don’t Take Chances With Life When it comes to choosing career. Visit our office . Using total three tools we can help you to choose best matching career for students. Through scientific , dependable and systematic approach we use following three tools in most effective combination to determine And Suggest The Best Career And Course Option For Students.

1.Latest Psychometric or Aptitude Test on computer,

2. Written Test & Data Collection,

3.Personal Interaction & Followed by Counseling By Expert Psychologist with 18 years of rich experience!

Other Important Problem Solving Services

*  Solving Problems of students related to Memory & Concentration powers

*  Help for Controlling Anger, Addiction, Disobedience And Misbehavior.

*  Help for handling problems related to Sexual Behavior & Control. .

*  Help for Stammering , Language Improvement & Spoken English..

*  Help for Improving Grasping Power, Imagination Power etc..

*  Help for improving Confidence & Personality Development.

*  Help for Improving Study and Academic Performance.

* Problems related to Sleep & Health Management.

*  Handling Stress Related Problems.

*  Handling Fears & Phobias.